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When you visit our office, we will work with you to determine your healthcare goals and what examinations and/or services would benefit you most. Because we offer such a wide variety of services and expertise under one roof, we can help you “connect the dots” to be able to realize where health comes from, how we can lose it, and how we can regain our health potential.


Our Services Include:

Integrated Treatment Protocols

  • Including: Chiropractic Specific Spinal Alignment using Pettibon Protocols and Spinal Biomechanical Evaluation; Traditional Acupuncture Techniques; and Microlight Electro-Laser Acupuncture


Chiropractic Postural Evaluation and rehabilitation using Dynamic X-ray

  • Experience the New Science of Spinal Regeneration! Everything from standing upright, to sleeping, to going to the bathroom is under direct control of the spinal column and the nervous system it encases. Yet, not very much medical or media attention is focused on sustaining this all-important area of the human body. As a result of the neglect, abuse and poor focus both the spine and the nervous system receive, most people suffer greatly with the results of deterioration of spinal integrity and nerve root impingement at some point in their lives.
  • Patients and doctors alike are under the misconception that once a spinal condition exists – including disc and nerve damage – you need surgery or are forced to live with pain, weakness, and organ malfunction for the rest of your life.
  • However, the truth behind today’s spinal treatments proves that while the spine can degenerate, it can also regenerate! Therefore, conditions once believed to be permanent can actually be not only healed, but reversed.
  • To allow his patients to receive the benefits of spinal regeneration, Dr. Dillberg has gone through advanced training in this area of Chiropractic. Similar to the medical field, Chiropractic has also become highly specialized. While the mass majority of Chiropractors today are essentially “general practitioners”, certain doctors of Chiropractic have higher levels of training in neurology and spinal correction as well as pediatrics, pregnancy, nutrition and overall health and wellness.
  • The Pettibon System is a comprehensive rehabilitation program for the spine’s hard and soft tissues. It uses x-rays for diagnosis, assessing progress, and proof of treatment effectiveness (note the restoration of spinal curve in the x-rays below). It tests each patient’s ability to respond to care, and trains patients in home care for faster correction, as you can see in the photo of our patient wearing her head, shoulder and hip weight system.

High Resolution Blood Microscopy

  • High Resolution Blood Microscopy demonstrates that a drop of blood can show what is happening inside an individual, and can provide information that a regular blood analysis test cannot.
  • The procedure entails taking a drop of blood from the fingertip and placing it on a slide under a high powered microscope. The magnified blood is shown on a flat screen monitor and can be observed and photographed over several minutes. HRBI allows us to detect bacteria, fungi, viruses, heavy metals, cholesterol, evidence of vitamin deficiencies, blood sugar problems, and poor system function among other things, It also can indicate how the organs are functioning. This information gives the physician valuable diagnostic and therapeutic information, including an indication of what may be done nutritionally to correct any deficiency or imbalance.
  • Photographs of the blood at various intervals of treatment may also give the physician a permanent record to determine if a certain treatment is working or not and to evaluate the progress of the patient.

Neuro Emotional Reprograming and Balancing Techniques

  • What is Neuro Emotional Reprograming? It is a mind-body approach, used in our office to resolve Mental or Emotional stress patterns. These stress reactions can create a “red alert” reaction in your body. A red alert reaction can cause high blood pressure, digestive disorders, inflammatory reactions, hyper-acidity, spasming and tightening of musculature. etc. Emotionally, your body can react as though it is being chased by a bear! Emotions are healthy functions in human beings and normally pose no long-lasting neuro-physiological or psychological problem. However, occasionally, emotional blocks can cause a negative stored memory pattern in the body or in one’s behavior, which does not naturally resolve itself. This additional stress load on the body can contribute to degenerative diseases, slow healing, and other disabilities.
  • Dr. Dillberg has developed an advanced technique (NER) to normalize unresolved physical or behavioral patterns, by making a physiological correction (an adjustment). This adjustment actually re-programs our negative stored emotional pattern into a positive pattern. Even more importantly this technique can teach individuals to exercise new mental & emotional thinking patterns to release stress and manage day to day conflicts successfully.

Nutritional Counselling including

  • Herbal & Nutritional Therapies; Personalized Detoxification Programs; Food Sensitivities testing and Therapeutic Lifestyle Coaching: Meal Planning, Weight Management, Healthy Aging, Stress Reduction.

Functional Lab Tests Including

  • Neuro Transmitter & Brain Function lab test -including report of findings and recommendations
  • Comprehensive Hormone Report lab test -including report of findings and recommendations
  • Food Allergy/Sensitivity testing lab test -including report of findings and recommendations

These additional evaluations and comprehensive lab tests will be prescribed if indicated in your case. We use Functional Medical Laboratory tests that reveal the whole range of function in the test results (rather than simple indications of disease or dysfunction). This comprehensive information allows the doctor to develop a health program that can build on your strengths to repair and strengthen your weaknesses.

Energy Light Rejuvenation Facials

  • Encourage Collagen Production
  • Smooth Fine Lines and Wrinkles
  • Firms Skin Tone
  • Diminishes Blemishes
  • Encourages revitalization producing a more rested and healthy appearance.

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