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Dillberg Integrated Healthcare is Hawaii’s most comprehensive healthcare facility.

Meet the Doctor…

Dr. Kerry L. Dillberg is dedicated to comprehensive and holistic healthcare.  With his dual licenses in Chiropractic and Chinese Medicine he has continued to study the most up to date advancements in preventive and corrective healthcare.  He has post graduate certifications in Nutritional Therapies, Spinal Biomechanics, Hormonal Balancing, and Neuro-Transmitter Brain Function.  It has been his passion to help his patients realize a healthier and happier lifestyle and help them remove the limitations that are caused by sickness and pain. Some of the other advanced techniques he has studied include: Vitality & Longevity Assessment, Bio Energetic Synchronization Technique, Neuro Emotional Technique, Detoxification and Nutritional Restoration, Chinese Herbalogy, and many different forms of Clinical Acupuncture. He is on the Scientific Advisory Board for Applied Spinal Biomechanical Engineering, and has been certified by the Institute for Functional Medicine.
Dr. Dillberg is the author of two multi-media health programs (“Be Your Own Doctor, First”, and “Your Choice for Better Health”), and has lectured on preventive healthcare throughout the United States, and the United Kingdom. Dr. Dillberg practices in Kauai, Hawaii with his wife, Michele, their 3 children and 8 grandchildren.  In addition to our local Kauai patients, a large percentage of our patients live on the mainland and other locations.  He consults by phone and skype, and enjoys seeing the many patients that plan their “health vacations” on Kauai.  

Meet Michelle…

Michelle Dillberg is a trained Theraputic Lifestyle Counselor.  She will help you prioritize your healthcare needs. She creates personalized protocols to help you easily adhere to the doctors reccomendations and create daily habits that will stabalize your health. At Dillberg Integrated Heakth, we believe in getting healthy and staying healthy. 

Experience True Integrated Healthcare

In our office we are dedicated to the empowerment of education.  On your first visit you will go through a comprehensive case history and evaluation.  During this time the doctor will explain different factors that can contribute to dysfunction and disease. You will also receive our book “BE HAPPY – BE HEALTHY Lifestyle and Diet Ideas”.  This book explains all of the foundational concepts on health and vitality.  Throughout your care in our office you can personalize your book by inserting your health program protocols and recommendations.

By creating balance and removing interference, a wide variety of healthcare problems can be successfully treated.

In our office we see patients who are already in good health, but want to improve their performance and prevent illness or injury (like many professional and amateur athletes), we also see people who have been diagnosed with debilitating illnesses (like cancer, heart disease, and cognitive disorders).

We also see every type of healthcare problem in between.

We look forward to helping you acheive your highest level of health and creating a health program personalized to your goals and needs.


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