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Dillberg Integrated Healthcare is Hawaii’s most comprehensive healthcare facility.

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Our Health Programs

  • Structural and Nervous System Balancing
  • High Resolution Blood Analysis and Nutritional Detoxification
  • Hormonal Balance Assessment for Vitality and Longevity
  • Neuro Emotional – Mental Stress Management and Training
  • Food Sensitivity and Food Allergy Testing
  • Brain Chemistry and NeuroTransmitter Testing

Comprehensive Consultation & Evaluation to set health care priorities.

Meet with Dr. Dillberg to identify the health program that will help you attain your health goals.

True Integrated Healthcare…

Because our philosophy of care regards the brain and nervous system as the nexus of control for the body, we can remove stress to any (or all) of the organs and systems in the body by creating proper alignment, chemical balance, mental and emotional balance.

This system of care allows the body to heal and rehabilitate naturally without drugs or surgery.  Some of the conditions we have successfully treated include:

  • Headaches
  • Neck & Back pain Injuries
  • Scoliosis and Posture related conditions
  • Digestive Disorders and Food Allergy related issues
  • Skin Conditions
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Chronic Fatigue
  • Neuro Transmitter Imbalances &
  • Cognitive Disorders (ADHD,Alzheimers, etc.)
  • Hormonal Imbalances / Fertility
  • Complications in pregnancy
  • High Blood Pressure
  • Diabetes
  • Kidney Disorders
  • Liver Disorders
  • Exposure to Parasites, Yeast. Mold or Fungus
  • Cancer Lung & Breathing disorders
  • Mental & Emotional Stress Patterns

 Your health care program will be personalized to identify any weak systems that could be causing symptoms or disease.  Because the body is regenerative, once interferences are removed, strength and balance can be regained.   

Enhancing Your Awareness of Key Stressors

Our goal is for you to increasingly become your own best doctor.  This will require a heightened awareness of the various factors which add to your stress load, weaken your resistance and can lead to disease.

Health can be defined as the state of mind, body and spirit which allows for proper function, joy and peace of mind.  As elusive as this may see, health is perhaps best understood as a state of balance.  The more balanced and centered you are, the more readily and appropriately you can respond to the various stressors and demands which are part of daily life.  Essential to regaining and maintaining a more balanced and healthful state is the ability to recognize those factors in your lifestyle which currently “destabilize” you and get you “off balance”.   Listed below are some factors that help you understand the way your body functions.

None of the functions in the body operate in a vacuum.  Every function relies on, and feeds other functions.  For this reason, things that may seem very separate (for example: a headache can be triggered by bad digestion; and bad digestion can be triggered by structural misalignment) ultimately are connected.

As you read further on the Our Approach page – you will begin to realize the different categories of stress, and the steps you can take to reduce daily stress for better overall function.

We are exposed to stresses that we cannot avoid, and we also need to treat the effects of stresses that we have been exposed to in the past.  Our 4 Vector approach will allow you to reduce your overall stress load and regain the strength and vitality, and will remove the limitations that pain or poor health cause.   


The 4 Vectors Approach…

Dillberg Integrated Healthcare uses a 4 Vector Approach to allow our patients to address health issues by assessing all of the systems in the body.  The benefits of using Chiropractic, The ReNuLife Rehab Gym, Acupuncture, Neuro-Emotional techniques, Detoxification, Hormonal Balancing, Nutritional Therapies and herbs – together to create a synergistic momentum for health and vitality is a proven recipe for success.  By relieving stress from different quadrants at the same time, your body can heal and regenerate naturally.

How to Understand Stress…

Physical Stress:
We are exposed to these stresses through Poor Posture and imbalanced activities, Accidents or Injuries, Repetitive work related exertion, Auto accidents, Breach development, etc.  At Dillberg Integrated Healthcare we evaluate and reduce Physical Stress by employing Pettibon Spinal Rehabilitation, The ReNuLIfe Rehab Gym, Egoscue Method Postural Correction Exercises, Dynamic X-ray Evaluation, Chiropractic, and Acupuncture.

Nutritional & Chemical Stress:
We are exposed to these stresses through the foods we eat, what we drink, air pollutants, chemical exposures, medications, etc.  At Dillberg Integrated Healthcare we evaluate and reduce Nutritional and Chemical Stresses by employing High Resolution Blood Analysis, Bio Terrain Lab Testing, Detoxification Programs, Nutritional Counseling, Chinese Medicinal Herbs, and the highest quality Nutritional Supplementation.

Electromagnetic Stress:
We are exposed to these stresses through Cell phone use, Computers, Television, Microwaves, Proximity to Power lines, etc.  At Dillberg Integrated Healthcare we evaluate and reduce Electromagnetic Stresses with Traditional Chinese Medicine therapies, Herbs, and Acupuncture.

Mental & Emotional Stress:
We are exposed to these stresses by the way we perceive the events around us.  Our Thoughts, Memories, Attitudes, Anxiety, Fears, Frustrations, and Over Thinking all make a direct impact on the way every organ in our body functions.  Physical symptoms of mental or emotional stress can include: headaches, muscle pain or fatigue, digestive disorders, inflammatory reactions, ulcers, allergies, etc.  At Dillberg Integrated Healthcare we evaluate and reduce Mental & Emotional Stress by employing Bio Energetic Synchronization Technique, and Neuro Emotional Therapies.

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